Team Members 2017 – 2018

Front (from left) : Aysegul, Aoxi, Valerie, Aqil; Back (from left): Fattah, Yi Han, Zong Han, Loong Zhuo

This year, the Pedal Progress team consists of two sub-teams, the frame team and the joints team, who work closely together to build and design an electric bamboo bicycle.

Frame Team

The frame team focuses on the design of the bicycle, the battery and motor as well as the components of the bicycle. We are responsible in ensuring every aspect fits together cohesively.

Valerie Ngow Yingli – Project Manager; Social Media Manager

Tee Yi Han – CAD and Computational Analysis Lead

Lee Loong Zhuo – Finance Manager; Motor & Battery Lead

Lee Zong Han – Material & Components Lead

Joints Team

The joints team are working on innovating and exploring other methods of joining. We are responsible in ensuring that they meet the necessary requirements and consider the manufacturing aspects of the bicycle.

Aysegul Yilmaz – Joints Team Leader, Outreach Manager

Mohamed Aqil

Abdul Fattah

Aoxi Shan