Team Members 2015-2016


Thomson Nguyen

Project Manager
Thomson is in charge of distributing work amongst the team and ensuring that internal an external deadlines are being met. He also identifies any additional resources that may be beneficial to the team and directs the efforts to obtaining them.

Pranoy Choudhury

CAD Manager
Pranoy directs and monitors the computer modelling efforts of our team, whilst ensuring that the product assembly is designed in time and to specifications.

Avinash Javaji

Concept Manager
Avinash leads the design concept discussion and directs the team in a process that explores various factors before arriving at a suitable design for each stage.

K Kunju Raman

Public Relations Manager
K is responsible for communicating with external parties and stakeholders to our project, which includes sponsors, academic supervisor and external supervisor.

Safiyyah Farid

Business Manager
Safiyyah is responsible for maintaining the business perspective for the project, by ensuring that our product is an economically  viable solution for our chosen consumer.