Battery and Motor

This year, Pedal Progress is making an electric bamboo bike. For this we would need two vital components, an electric motor and a battery. For the motor we decided to purchase a readily available rear hub motor due to its simplicity, flexibility and availability in the market. The motor is a 250W 36V hub motor (meeting EU e-bike regulations). As for the battery to power this motor, our goal is to improve the aesthetics of commercial e-bike battery packs which are typically large, heavy and exposed. To do this, we plan to design and make our own battery pack which will be small enough to fit inside of a tube of bamboo (which then is inside our frame!). Below are some photos of the work we have done so far!

Our rear wheel hub motor
Lithium Ion Cells – the core component to any modern battery
Our lithium ion cells connected using Vruzend battery holders. Makes life much simpler and eases prototyping!
Version 1 of our assembled battery pack
Testing rig for the motor and batteries
Our custom-made battery holders! Designed to further reduce the size and weight of our battery pack.
It Fits!


Much more work to do till we get it up and running. Stay tuned for more updates!

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