(2015-16 Team) Build: Day 1

The first day of our building phase has finally commenced, and our team has been incredibly excited to get this running.

We decided to build our cargo bicycle at The Bamboo Bicycle Club workshop, near Bow Road. The building phase will run approximately for 4 to 5 days with the help from James and Emanuele (Thank you so much guys!). As our bamboo had already been delivered to James’s workshop, our next step is then to inspect and identify which bamboo will be used and where. This was a vital step, as any mis-calculation could cause further delay in installing our components. We then measured and shaped the chosen bamboos based on our design. The team also constructed the jig for the rear section of the cargo bicycle.

Bow Road Station
Measuring and taping the chosen bamboo
Arvin measuring the diameter of the bamboo
Shaving the end tips of the bamboo
Pranoy shaving of the outer layer of the bamboo
Assembling our bamboo on the jig
The rear frame slowly coming together
Thomson taping the bamboo for easy alignment
Pranoy and Avinash getting started on making the rear jig
Avinash and Arvin cutting up more bamboo

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